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Lens Quality Matters!

All too often, when people buy glasses they don’t pay attention to the lenses.

Of course, the frames need to suit your face and your style. But it’s also important to pay attention to your eye

glass lens materials, designs and coatings. The quality of the lens will directly affect the quality and comfort of your vision.

All too often, especially with online purchases, people think they are getting premium lenses but actually aren’t.

At Specs for Less, premium MEANS premium. All of our lenses are made in our own labs, and all premium lenses are made using the general article. You can always be sure of what you’re getting as we NEVER use any substitutes or off-brands for any premium lens purchase.

This means that should you want the advanced progressive lenses of Essilor’s Varilux or the highest-definition for single vision lenses available on the market with Eyezen ― then that’s exactly what you get.

Our Frame Lines At Specs For Less In Staten Island, NY, and NJ

premium lenses and designer glasses in staten island east harlem keyport,nj

We believe that everyone deserves clear, sharp, and comfortable vision.

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Keyport New Jersey
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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the “The Governor’s 10-point NYS on PAUSE plan” requiring 100% Closure of Non-Essential Businesses Statewide:

Specs for Less locations will be closed as of 3/22/20 and until further notice.

All orders will still be processed, and we will do our best to arrange to either have you pick up your orders or for us to have them delivered if they are needed for emergency use.

This was the decision of the Governor of NY State not the management of Specs for Less.

If you require further information, please email; and we will respond.

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving the community as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Specs for Less management and employees Serving Staten Island continuously since 1993