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Comprehensive Eye Exams


At Specs for Less we want our patients to have the best eye care experience. We believe this stellar experience starts in the exam room with our highly trained optometrists ensuring every patient receives exceptional eye care.

Our mission is to provide each patient with an experience that provides outstanding healthcare throughout the process so they understand their needs are our goal. Every patient leaves the exam room with an understanding of what the optometrist has prescribed and what the reasons were. Our Staten Island optometrists want you to feel that your eyewear purchase will align with all of your eye care and vision needs.

What to expect during your comprehensive & consultative exam:

  • On an average, the exam will take 15 – 25 minutes to complete. By the conclusion of the process our optometrists in Staten Island, NY will have determined your eyewear prescription, evaluated the overall health of your eyes and determined the best lens choices to ensure the clearest and most comfortable vision through your new eyewear.
  • Assessment of proper eye alignment and movement. This is especially important for computer users and those experiencing chronic headaches.
  • An external exam of the eyes, lids and lashes. The optometrist will observe for signs of any inflammation, infection or abnormal growths. An evaluation of the back of the eye to assess nerves, blood vessels and the retina. The optometrist will observe for any suspicious freckles, moles or growths. This assessment is crucial to determining ocular health as well as detecting other medical conditions which can significantly affect one’s eye sight. We can detect signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain inflammatory conditions.

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